Asianajotoimisto AKG Oy



AKG is specialized in Business Law. Our lawyers have experience particularly in the following business and legal fields:

Competition Law and Public Procurement

Matters relating to Competition Law and Public Procurement form quite significant part of our lawyers’ work. We advise our clients during structuring public procurement bids and our lawyers have also assisted in several Market Court and Supreme Administrative Court cases in which there has been for example a violation of the public procurement regulations.

Our clients include both contracting authorities and also bidding participants.

Construction Law and Real Estate Law

Significant amount of our assignments are related to Construction and Real Estate Law. We serve not only construction companies but also the owners of real estate as well as the end user customers. In this particular field of law, the assignments are typically related to construction liability issues, building contracts, real estate use and development as well as issues relating to real estate deals. Our lawyers also have a wide experience relating to legal issues of buying and selling of housing and tenancy agreements.

Corporate and Company Law

Regarding corporate law, we offer a full range of services, including for example selection and founding of an appropriate type of companies for the customer's needs, the reorganization of companies, and sorting out issues of responsibility as well as solving special problems in the area of company law. We are also experienced in matters as changes of corporate form, restructuring of companies, arrangements relating to equity and debt financing, joint ventures and other commercial undertakings.

Our lawyers have wide experience in arranging various types of formal corporate meetings. We plan, negotiate and execute business transactions (such as mergers and acquisitions), and shareholders agreements.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

In everyday business relations, occasionally matters are taken further and disputes and conflicts arise. We advise our clients in a very practical manner and our aim is always try to find the best solution which serves our client’s interests most effectively. To find this best solution we are always doing our best to understand client’s business scope to the full. Sometimes protecting the client’s essential interests, means that negotiations and mediation are not sufficient and special legal knowledge and litigation experience is needed. We assist our clients in district courts, administrative courts and e.g. market court (as well as in the respective courts of appeal in question). We also handle arbitration proceedings.

Dispute resolution and litigation often relate to the following matters: Labour Law, Real Estate and Construction, Marketing Law issues, Competition Law and Public Procurement, Damage Compensation Law and Criminal Law.


Our lawyers have comprehensive experience in estate administration and bankruptcy estates. In this work our lawyers utilize their wide experience from other fields of business law.

Intellectual Property Rights Law

Due to the experience and goodwill gained through performing services for IT companies that highly value intellectual property, our lawyers are frequently requested to consult companies in identifying, protecting and commercialising their intellectual property.

IT Law

Regarding IT Law, we offer a full range of services, including for example software development, system integration, evaluation, maintenance, hosting, license and distribution contracts, escrow-agreements, SaaS contracts, outsourcing arrangements, e-commerce and data protection. We offer services also for telecom companies, for example, in personal data protection issues.